Medical Debt Collection Services

Medical Debt Management, Inc. (MDM), a subsidiary of HRS, is dedicated to medical collections for hospitals, clinics and physician practices. MDM knows a patients’ satisfaction is crucial to being successful in the medical industry and because of that our staff is extensively trained to show compassion while satisfying our clients and obtaining the monies owed. Medical collections requires the most delicate collection procedures. There are often times many reasons why a debt remains unpaid. The debtor may be an ongoing patient and facing continuous treatments, which in turn creates more debt. The collectors at MDM are trained to ‘listen’ as much as they are to collect. Our collectors adhere to a sensitive, yet firm approach. Speaking directly with the debtor, versus simply mailing statements or collection letters, allows the collector at MDM to get to the root reason why the debt is unpaid, and to seek and establish a solution to resolving the debt.

Our Bad Debt Collection Program is fully automated and is designed to identify and target where the collection efforts need to be focused. We utilize the power of technology to help us manage your accounts and to ensure that all accounts are being worked effectively and in a timely manner. We use credit scoring strategies to help us identify and prioritize the debtors with the most propensity to pay. We make every attempt to locate and contact the debtor. All accounts with bad addresses are submitted for skip tracing to our vendor and updated addresses are automatically populated into the account and the history of any changes are tracked and recorded. We exhaust all efforts of securing payment through strategically combining dial and messaging campaigns as well as through our letter series.

MDM has been working delinquent medical debt and hard to locate patients since 1996. We only collect on medical debt, which puts us at an advantage over other collection agencies. We provide services to all medical providers. With an average tenure of 11 years, we have some of the most experienced medical debt collection staff in the industry. Our collectors are delinquent debt experts who are masters in negotiating payment. We employ a “Top Down” culture of compliance and negotiation tactics.

It is our pledge to be fair and respectable to patients, while never losing sight of the task at hand: Collecting for the medical services you provided.

Some of the benefits of working with MDM:

  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Sensitive yet firm collection approach
  • Dedicated Client Liaison
  • Bilingual Collectors
  • Cost Savings
  • Comprehensive Skip tracing technology
  • A+ Rating with BBB
  • Annual Compliance and HIPPA Training

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