Self Pay Collections

HRS’ Extended Business Office program is an extension of your organization’s business office. We apply multiple recovery strategies where the influence from a third party can be very effective in accelerating collections and reducing bad debt write offs. Our inventory is 100% medical collections; we exclusively provide our collection services only to healthcare organizations.

We introduce ourselves as an extension of your Business Office and treat each patient with compassion, dignity and respect. As part of our Self Pay Collection service, HRS will send customized statements and letters on your behalf to self-pay and self-pay after insurance balances. Our initial statement is sent out with your letterhead and a customized introductory letter approved by you. The letter introduces HRS as an extension to your Business Office and reassures the patient that their account was not placed with a collection agency. All of our statements and letters are available in both English and Spanish. We can customize any of our statements or letters per your request.

Combining the power of technology and sophisticated processes we manage your accounts to ensure that they are being worked effectively and in a timely manner. We use credit scoring to help us identify and prioritize where we need to focus our efforts to ensure the highest receipt of monies owed.

We have advanced dialer capabilities integrated into our system that can provide statistics on the volume of calls placed and the volume and percentage of connected calls. The attempted call results are automatically stamped into each patient’s record. Recorded calls are audited by the Collection Manager for each Collector on a monthly basis. The results of the audit are used to ensure that our Collectors and our processes are best in class. We also have the capability of providing recorded calls if requested by the client for customer service and quality assurance activities.

Our experienced, bilingual team will work with each patient to help them understand their bill, establish a plan to resolve the account balance and if necessary collect any primary or secondary insurance information that may have been over looked during the patient registration process.

We train our Collectors to ask for payment in full. We will work with the patients who do not have the means to pay the full amount by setting up reasonable payment plans. We can set up recurring payment plans or take one time payments over the phone. The recurring payment plans are managed through a secure gateway where the credit card information once entered is no longer available to our staff. We also accept payments through our pay portal on our website.

All of our Collectors are trained and monitored on handling sensitive PHI information and compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our collectors are audited not only for the quantity of their work, but also for the quality of their work.

Benefits of our Self Pay Collection service:

  • Medical collection experts
  • Payment plan management
  • Hospital Charity program assistance
  • Customized statements and letters
  • Bilingual collectors
  • Help patients understand their EOB’s

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