Top 5 Reasons You Should Insource Your Revenue Cycle Processes



In today’s healthcare environment of shrinking reimbursements, Medicaid policy changes, and governmental mandates, the importance of maintaining a healthy revenue cycle is second only to providing the best patient care possible. Without an adequate margin, there can be no medical mission.

Outsourcing these services sounds so remote and detached. We prefer the term “insourcing” because we want to be an integral part of your medical billing needs: involved, in touch, integrated, and indispensable.

1. Reduce overhead costs and maximize billing reimbursements.
In-house billing requires a significant investment in hardware and software. Combined with the costs of recruiting, hiring, and training staff, insourcing becomes an easy choice for providers. With reduced costs and increased efficiencies, reimbursement rates vastly improve.

2. Custom-fit your business goals and processes.
Healthcare Receivables Solutions will create a customized solution that fits your needs.   You don’t learn our software and systems, we learn yours—and leverage our business intelligence and skills to accommodate your goals, assets, infrastructure, and patient needs.

3. Add a strategic partner with proven professionals. 
Insourcing can be very beneficial because it shifts some liability to a third party that most likely has far broader knowledge in regulatory, compliance, coding, and administrative areas than most smaller hospitals or physician practices.  We identify and report “root cause” issues and recommend best practices to improve process and workflow.

4. Maintain a positive patient experience. 
Providing high quality patient care is priority number one for any hospital or physician practice. However, this focus can become clouded when the emphasis on cutting costs and staying in the black takes a front seat. Insourcing can help your business shift its focus from secondary activities to better serving the needs of your patients.

5. Realign priorities and provide peace of mind.
At Healthcare Receivables Solutions, we work behind the scenes to effectively manage your revenue cycle so you have more time to focus on doing what you do best. This gives you peace of mind in knowing you’re maximizing your efforts and offering the highest quality care.



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